About the D2Boost team

D2 Boost: Who are we?

Founded by a Diablo 2 ladder junkie and a talented software developer, D2 Boost is meant to fill the vacuum con artists and scammers have created for Diablo 2’s online item marketplace. We aim to deliver legitimate items to our customers, quickly and professionally.

We don’t rely on clichés like “By gamers for gamers”, deceptive pricing, or a matte black paint job and red LEDs to boost sales.

Our ethos for D2 Boost is based on the combination of AAA customer support, contemporary technology, and modern e-commerce principles.


ChuckJustice and HeySayer got tired of the environment of “scamtastic”, sub par web stores infesting our D2 community.

HeySayer, the developer, was the first to design the “Mule Helper”: The software that enabled the transfer (from the Mule to the player character) of purchased items without the need for a second computer.

ChuckJustice, the D2 Ladder Enthusiast, gave the framework the community needed to HeySayer: The guaranteed, almost instantaneous, delivery of items to the client. The customer support which would set D2 Boost apart from the herd, and the largest inventory of LOD/Classic, Softcore/Hardcore, and ladder/non-ladder items on the web.

You’ve browsed the store, from the Runewords and gems to Legendary sets and weapons, D2 Boost has it all wrapped in a safe and secure shopping experience.

Our Promise To You

D2 Boost will support our customers whenever and however we can. We will price our gear competitively, offer the best items available, and create a safe marketplace where we can earn your trust and repeated business.